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Sankey Flow Report Builder!

Heat Map Features

With a Heat Map, Click Playback, A/B Testing, Conversion Funnel, Sankey Flow Report Builder, Time Lapse Report and Timed Bounce Rate service you can get an understanding of how your visitors engage with your website so you can boost your conversion rates. We show you everything!

Sankey Flow Report Builder

The online Sankey Builder generates a type of Flow Diagram, which visually shows you the path of related data. Tall nodes (rectangles) indicate popularity. Bands between the nodes identify relationships across the diagram!

It automatically makes the connection between related items to show what is important. The interactive Sankey Builder allows you to highlight an entire path of Bands linked to Nodes! This allows you to visually separate the noise from answers.

The HeatMap.ca Conversion Funnel is linked directly to Sankey Builder! Select Html elememts on your Landing Page and then select your Signup or Conversion Page and click Go!

Heat Map results are passed to Sankey Builder which isolates all visitors that clicked those elements. It then shows you which visitors made it to your Conversion Page, what they interacted with, and who clicked your conversion button!

Upload your own data to create customized Sankey Diagrams! Drag and Drop fields to instantly change the layout! And dynamically create any number of filters to tweak the results.

The built in automatic Paging system separates large data sets into manageable blocks of related data!

Customize the Sankey Diagram to suit your needs and then save the selection of Fields, Filters, Highlight Colors, Page Size and Number and other settings, eliminating future setup time!

Optionally Share the Sankey Diagram which defaults to your saved settings with Visitors or Colleagues! We provide the Html code to embed it in a web page or hyperlink to distribute a Sankey Diagram!

Visitors create their own temporary views of a Diagram! They can add or remove fields, create their own filters, highlight related data with various colors, change the page size or number and height and width of the diagram, and even change the sort order!

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Learn More! Check out the tutorial!

Arrange Fields!

A Sankey Diagram requires a minimum of two fields. Dynamically add or remove fields to change the view and watch it re-establish the data relationships in the diagram! Drag & Drop fields to change the order of the Flow. Like what you see? Save the view for a future visit or compare it to other Sankey Diagrams for a different perspective. Learn, adapt and win!

Learn More! Check out the tutorial!

Apply Filters!

Click the plus button to create your own Filter conditions! Selection of a field automatically squeezes duplicates to present a unique list of filter conditions in a sorted list. Select one or more or use the built in search bar that filters them as you type! And when you have the view you like, save and share it with visitors via the unique URL that automatically loads those saved Fields & Filters to generate an interactive Sankey Diagram!


and more...

Upload your own files to identify relationships in your data via the Sankey Builder! Visually identify trends that would be impossible with traditional database queries or other tools. Move nodes (the rectangles) vertically or horizontally to tweak the layout. Click on the bands (links) to highlight the realtionships across the Sankey Diagram! And if you have thousands of records, try the built-in Paging system! Breaks large sets of data into manageable chunks!

Learn More! Check out the tutorial!


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*Rates are based on one month of service. For example you pay just $5 for the Pro service for a year of service! Each service inlcludes Tracking Keys, one for each page on your site. Keys will keep track of all data on the page regardless of the url for that page. The paid version allows you to reset click data or a/b test data at anytime from the Dashboard that runs on your site. Timed Bounce Rate data is cleared on the last day of the month.


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