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Automatic Link Tracking, Heat Map Reports, Element Performance, Playback Visitor Sessions! Bounce Engagement, Conversion Funnels, User Input, Mobile Taps and so much more!


The most advanced Heat Map service on the planet. The Dashboard at HeatMap.Ca does the heavy lifting, allowing you to query click and tap data which allows you to Playback Visitor Sessions, generate Heat Map Reports and so much more! To learn more, select a category below and then click or tap a feature for an example of each. We Show You Everything!

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Heat Map or Playback Select Any Month or Months, Compare Months, View by Quarter, Season, or even create Side by Side Heat Map Reports!
Heat Map or Playback Pick first week of each month, Last Two Weeks, Weeks with a Holiday!
Heat Map or Playback Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night. Select an Hour before a sale, after or during!
Heat Map or Playback Filter by Countries, States, Cities!
Run ads over the weekend? Build your range of Weekdays to analyze Heat Map Reports or Playback Visitor Sessions...
From a Heat Map Report select Element Engagement to identify Elements involved in a click or tap. Select those of interest and add them to a step in a Conversion Funnel for unparalled insight!
Heat Map or Playback Mobile versus Desktop. View Mobile Taps on your Desktop computer or Desktop Clicks on your Mobile Device!
Heat Map or Playback Abondoners! Select Any Filter, Any Goal, Two Step or Multi Step!
One Page Funnels! From the total amount of visitors, find out which ones selected your offer! Watch Abondoners!
Multi Site Funnels! Show me how many visitors from HeatMap.Ca visit SankeyBuilder.com!
Show me how many visitors hit the site before noon in Week Number 18 (Apr 27 to May 3 2015). Heat Map or Playback visitors outside of the morning timeframe!
Show me how many visitors use an Android device versus Desktop computers in a split funnel!
Defaults to a Split Funnel to display various goals from the total in Step 1 or select Cascading Funnel to adjust the total based on a previous step!
Heat Map or Playback! Select Any Filter! Go! Hide or Show Dynamic Content!
Heat Map! Select Any Filter! Go! Interact with HTML Elements on your live web site...Review Element Performance!
Heat Map or Playback! Adjust the brightness of the overlay on your live web site. Cycles through each overlay opacity with auto return!
Heat Map or Playback! Pause a Slide Show. Reapply Heat Map or Playback on specific HTML Elements!
Heat Map or Playback! View Taps on a Desktop Computer or Clicks on a Mobile Device. Media Queries? No Problem!
Playback Visitor Sessions! All the tools you need for an interactive eye opener!
Playback Visitor Sessions! Hover time removed for fast playback. Click Path Order with Arrows leaves a path for you to follow!
Playback Visitor Sessions! Clicks captured on a desktop computer of any resolution are playable on a mobile device of any resolution!
Playback Visitor Sessions! Clicks captured on a mobile device playable on a desktop computer of any resolution!
Playback Visitor Sessions! Access your live web page to hide or show dynamic content. Play to reveal hidden clicks or taps!
Real Time Analytic Hard, Medium, Soft Bounce Rates show you the engagement time on your site without ever making a click or tap.
Real Time Analytic Selection of filters dynamically isolates Visitor Sessions available for Playback.
Real Time Analytic Selection of filters dynamically fetches the latest Click and Tap Count for each.
Real Time Analytic Creates data relationships between form input and click data! Reveals your most engaged visitors, time and time again!
Administration Keep track of your Page Tracking Keys with your own description; which also appears in the exported data!
Administration Identify the last recorded session, number of clicks or reset clicks afte a page redesign.
Administration Pause or Resume data capture.
Administration Create or Remove Page Tracking Keys. Export everything!
Administration Export Heat Map, Playback, User List and User Click Count! We Show You Everything!
Administration Export Filter Counts...Month, Week Number, Weekday, Hour, Browser, Operating System and so much more!
Administration Export Hard, Medium, Soft Bounce results, User Input and Automatic Link Tracking results!


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