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Heat Map Reports

See which links, images or buttons your visitors are clicking and which ones they are ignoring. Identify what is important to your visitors. Shows you exactly what works or doesn't!

When you first load the Dashboard that runs on your site, a Heat Map Report is generated in real time from all clicks on the page. The dots on the page are clicks that were captured during visitor sessions. The Visitors, Sessions and Click counts appear above the Dashboard.

Visitors? HeatMap.ca creates a unique User ID for each visitor and stores that on there device in a cookie. The number of visitors is the total number of unique users that hit the page.

Sessions? When a visitor hits the page a time stamp is captured at the begining of the session. All click data for that visitor is flagged with that time stamp.

Clicks? Within each session are X number of clicks. Those clicks (or taps) are represented as dots on the page. If a click occurs in the same location, the color changes to indicate popularity. Shades of blue dots indicate a less active area on the page. Shades of red indicate popularity. When viewing a Heat Map Report you want to pay attention to the Hot areas and even the cold areas, and especially those areas where you may be expecting clicks and none have occured.

Heat Map Reports will show you what is working and what is not. Based on the visual feedback you may want to redesign the page to move Html elements in to a more prominent location. With over 50 Heat Map Filters available, the HeatMap.ca service will show you what's Hot or Not, providing insight that could help you increase conversion rates or revenue!

On first load of the Dashboard that runs on your site, the first 5,000 clicks are overlaid on the page in a Heat Map Report. If you have more than 5,000 clicks the Heat Map Layer tool will show you how many layers are available and present the total clicks available. Each Layer represents 10k clicks. You can then select layers in any order!


Watch your visitor's clicks on a desktop or mobile device to discover how they interact with your site. Presents a Click Path for you to follow. In a rush? Try the Now speed setting! Try the demo!

Clicks? Within each session are X number of clicks. Those clicks (or taps) are played in the order they occured. We don't capture X and Y coordinates when a click occurs. We capture the element position and the offset of where it occured.

This allows you to playback visitor sessions on any device even if they were recorded on a Desktop or Mobile browser. Those clicks appear over the same element based on its position in the page, regardless of the browser width or height!

During playback of a visitor session a Click Order (1,2,3 etc) is animated into view. Between each click (or tap) is an Arrow, something we call the Click Path!

At each click the browser automatically scrolls into postition to show you where the click occured! Just sit back and relax to enjoy the show! When it's done follow the Click Path to trace the visitor's movement !

The Dashboard includes all kinds of Tools, each with many Filters. When you activate a Tool for a specific Filter a Heat Map Report is generated. That report is based on X number of visitors which represent X number of sessions. After the generation of any Heat Map Report, navigate to the Playback Sessions tool to playback those Visitor Sessions!

We offer a superior Playback system that runs of your live web page (unlike any of our competition). HeatMap.ca's exclusive Side by Side Playback allows you to compare the movement of any number of visitors to observe patterns! The 'Click Path' is layered for a unique view of visitor sessions! Another HeatMap.ca exclusive!

A/B Testing

Create two or more versions of an element to see which one performs better. Discover which combination of changes maximizes conversions. Built in Statistical Significance Calculator tells you when you have a winner!

Almost anything on your site can be A/B tested. Some elements that you can easily test are:

  1. Headlines
  2. Paragraph Text
  3. Testimonials
  4. Call to Action text
  5. Call to Action button
  6. Hyperlinks
  7. Images
  8. Social buttons
  9. Awards, Badges
  10. Different Form s
  11. Prices

At HeatMap.ca you build the variations into your exising page. Just like you do today, just add the variation and set it's display to none.

When you Sign Up, we show how to turn any Html Element into a variation by adding a few HTML5 attributes to each.

Our simple approach allows you to create variations with the deveopment tool you use today! And unlike our competition, our script that captures clicks to produce Heat Map Reports and offer visitor session Playback also manages the A/B Tests! It's just one tiny bit of script that posts results to our servers.

Our Dashboard that runs on your site also includes a Statistical Significance Calculator that tells you if a variation is a winner. It will present you with the Html5 attribute which uniquely identifies the winner. Simply remove the losing variation, upload your web page and BAM! you are good to go!

With our approach you can hide or show variations via script, or when media queries are activated during a mobile visit or via a load of widgets from your web server! There is really no limit to what you can do with our simple approach.

Bounce Rates

For those that don't click anything on your site, find out their engagement time...Hard, Medium and Soft Bounce Rates at the Visitor level! Identifies all the visitors you don't know about!

A Bounce Rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter your site and 'bounce' right out (rather than visiting other pages). A bounce occurs when a visitor only views a single page on a site. The bounce rate can help determine the effectiveness or performance of an entry page. Depending on the type of site, typically the higher the bounce rate the less effective the landing experience. By the same token, bounce rate can also help determine the quality of your traffic. High bounce rate coupled with large volumes of single source traffic could indicate poor marketing efforts (print, electronic advertisements, referrals, etc).

Based on visitors’ actual engagement time, HeatMap.ca breaks down the bounce rate into three classes - Hard, Medium and Soft. By doing so, bounce rate is no longer just a qualifying metric it is an actionable one; these three types can shed light on desertion trends.

Hard Bounce visitors are defined as visitors who viewed a single page and had an engagement time of less than 4 seconds. Hard Bounce visitors are usually visitors who arrived at your site by mistake expecting completely different content than what they had received. These visitors immediately bounce and are unlikely to intentionally return.

Medium Bounce visitors are defined as visitors who viewed a single page and had an engagement time of 4-10 seconds. Medium Bounce visitors could very well be visitors who were looking for specific content which they did not automatically find on the page they landed. Perhaps changing the landing page or its content may increase their engagement time in the future.

Soft Bounce visitors are defined as visitors who viewed a single page of your site and had an engagement time of more than 10 seconds. Soft Bounce visitors are likely to be visitors who intended to reach your site. They spent some time reading the content and were actively engaged (moved their mouse). These visitors are probably interested in what your site offers, and may be targeted so that next time they do not bounce but engage even further.

Show Me!

The Visualization Builder shows you how visitors get to your conversion page and which elements they touched to make it there!

It identifies the best elements that increase conversion on your pages! It visually shows you the path visitors take between a starting page and your conversion page! The Dashboard which runs on your site presents the Top 25 elements for selection. The Flow Report isolates visitors that clicked those elements and then passes them to each page that leads to your conversion page or goal. It may suprise you at what element guides them to your conversion page and which cause abondonement!

The Visualization Builder includes a Time Lapse report. It will show you how long it takes visitors to select a goal in a page from your Conversion Funnel! Identifies engaged visitors and those that abondon, reveals a Timeline of events, how long it takes to click elements, reveals bottlenecks and repeat visitors. Demo Now Available!

Conversion Funnel by Visitor!

Select from your Top 25 Html Elements. Select each Page in your Conversion Funnel. Click Play to launch the Visualization Builder. It isolates the Visitors that clicked those elements and passes the group to each page in your Conversion Funnel!

Presents the Path of Visitors!

Drag & Drop fields to create relationships between Pages, Visitors and Html Elements. The Visualization Builder shows you the Path visitors take to reach your Goal and each Html Element touched along the way! It's an interactive eye opener. Shows you exactly what visitors do along the way and identifies what you expected them to do and didn't!

Superior Analytics!

Click a Visitor's colored bar for the path of selected elements at each page in the Funnel. Click an Element's colored bar or your Goal to find out if visitors followed your expected path. And our unique Visitor Link allows you to views results with your customers real name! The Visualization Builder shows you everything! Superior to anything from the competition, including Clicktale and even Google Analytics Goal Flow and Conversion Funnels!